Friday, November 14, 2008

Balloon Popping

In an effort to build maturity in my *cough* old age I decided to celebrate my 28th birthday in a more subdued manner. Rather than making a big deal of the day (like I normally do) I decided to just plan something low key with a couple of friends. Anywhos as I was sleeping the night before my roommate decorates outside of my room with streamers and at least 30 balloons. So sweet! God only knows how long it took to blow up all those balloons. Of course one cannot throw away 30 blown up balloons. What a waste of trash bags! So we did the only logical and mature thing and have a balloon popping evidenced by the balloon remains pic.

Sadly upon my “mature” suggestion of the game my roommate brought out scissors. Uh hello…CHEATER! I quickly informed her, since evidently she was deprived of field day growing up, that one does not use scissors in a balloon popping contest…your bottom is the only appropriate tool.

So the moral of the story is that thankfully 28 is not too old to be completely mature (read: boring)! Growing up is so overrated anyways…ha.

P.S. I WON!!!

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