Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sweet Surrender

A painful choice.
A decision to be made.
To surrender what brought her happiness.

It did hurt.
And certainly she hated,
To give up that which she treasured.

One last plead.
A request softly made.
To keep the one she still longed for.

I'll love you just the same.
She cried on that day,
To Him whom she called her Savior.

The lie was born.
A foolish thought,
To believe she could fully love the two.

Her heart contained,
the shattered remains,
Of the desire she then gave away.

Yet strength was found.
And Grace did abound,
To fill a heart beyond measure.

A gift received.
Undeserved to say the least,
Of love from her dear Savior.

Perspective has changed.
And beauty embraced,
Which came from her sweet surrender.

Will memories fade,
of His faithfulness on that day?
Or will she recall
a sweet surrender.

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