Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To Be Wanted

Finished racing the treadmill a minute before fainting,
Tossing meals aside barely touched.
With countless hours spent perfecting herself,
She would do anything to be wanted.

Fake laughs, shallow conversation,
Accepted too many meaningless invitations.
“Why are you here?” she wondered all along.
But she did anything to feel wanted.

Hands begged to be held,
as tears flooded her pillow.
She asked to know what love is.

Hearing her faint cries in the night,
A Savior answered her pleas.
And He offered to show her Love.

Filled with joy,
She tried to please Him.
Grateful that she became wanted.

But mistakes were made
As she chased old desires.
She feared she would never be enough.

She didn’t understand,
After all the pain she caused,
Why He wouldn’t simply leave.

She knew her disappointments,
Would ruin the relationship.
So she tried to run and escape Him.

Through hills and valleys,
and places in between.
She would go anywhere to find freedom.

But she couldn’t escape
The guilt she felt inside.
Exhausted from running,
she finally came back home.

With arms open wide,
He waited at the door.
Joyful to see her once again.

“Welcome back!” He exclaimed.
“I love you so much!”
And in that moment she knew,
she would always be wanted.

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