Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Way

I usually don't post other people's blogs, but I read this on the Village Church's website today and thought it was worth reflection. Jesus claimed "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life" (John 14:6) and his death and resurrection for our sins demands some sort of response or at least thought. Even if that response is to believe He lied and others lied in saying He raised from the dead.

Thoughts worth examination I think. Sometimes I become so consumed with day to day life that I don't take the time to process what I truly believe on an issue, whether Christian or not.

My mom gave me this book, Jesus Freaks, that contains hundreds of different stories, some recent and some in different centuries over time, of men, women, and even children who were tortured and/or killed for their refusal to deny Jesus. I don't know how strongly one must cling to a certain belief to be willing to suffer in such a dramatic way, but I have to believe the Jesus they died for must have had a great impact on their lives. I mean how incredible is that to die for someone you have never even met and some think you are crazy to even believe in? Possibly a few would, but to have people continually willing to suffer each century for the same reason? I think that is amazing!

This causes me to believe that the Jesus they know must really change lives in such a mighty way that not only dying but being physically tortured for Him can be endured with peace and hope for a life yet to come. I will probably (hopefully) never have to suffer like that for my beliefs, but I hope and pray to live a life that reflects the greater peace found in Jesus the way their lives did.

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