Sunday, July 20, 2008

A couple of lessons my dad has taught me about grace and love

In my part selfishness and part stupidity I had a huge bill on a previous furniture purchase left unaccounted for. I would have faced hundreds in penalty charges if I waited the extra month I desired to pay it off. When I told my mom this, she said they (my parents) would pay it off for me if I paid them back. Hearing of this the next day my dad paid the bill in full and refused to accept a reimbursement. Instead he urged me to put the extra money I would soon be getting into a savings account. Why did he do this? I don’t know. I certainly didn’t expect or ask for it.

I am horrible to my car. Absolutely horrible. The poor thing never saw it coming as I test drove him that cool December night a couple of years ago. Never did he expect the cruelty he would soon endure as I carefully followed the speed limits and always came to complete stops. How could he have known that I would be the type of person to wait 2000 miles over the mechanics suggestion to change the oil or rarely take him in for a maintenance check at the scheduled date? Certainly he never foresaw the many scratches and marks he would suffer as a causality of being my property. Despite my negligence my dad is always the one to remind me of oil changes and maintenance check ups and then even go with me because a princess after all can’t be expected to handle such adult issues…I mean I’m only 27! Any time something is wrong with the car he gives up at least part of his Saturday to help me with it. I haven’t even personally ever washed my own car that I’ve now had for 2 years! A time or two a guy friend did it but the others were good ole dad. I’m sure a lot of dad’s do this, and I am just thankful that mine is one of them.

Anywho…thanks dad for giving me tangible examples of what grace and love look like. (pic to come soon)

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krystalmullins said...

I've definitely gone over 2000 miles for my oil change... speaking of which, I should do that soon... Yay you are coming to hang out with me in a few minutes!