Sunday, July 6, 2008

My New Friend

Have you ever met someone who is all around a better person than you? Someone who lives the way you only talk about living thus leaving you to take a serious introspection of your life. Recently I have met such a person.

I grew up in church and with this upbringing has come the knowledge of what makes a “good Christian.” Qualities such as being kind to others, having a patient temperament, being helpful and putting others first. At times though I wonder if this is more of a head knowledge than attributes that are easily seen in my life.

This new friend of mine exudes these characteristics though. He seems to be the first person to lend a hand and find ways to make tasks easier for others. He radiates a sense of peace and calm and though I haven’t known him for long, I’ve never seen him get ugly or talk harshly about another. Most of the time when I see him he has a big smile on his face and truly seems to enjoy life as it is. Maybe there is a dark side I have yet to encounter but somehow I doubt it. What I find the most fascinating and enviable quality about this person though is he doesn’t talk about it. He doesn’t go on long diatribes about how a person is supposed to live. He doesn’t talk about the Bible and point out specific verses on fruits of the Spirit or how to be a nice guy. He just is.

It makes me wonder if I think and talk to much. Do I talk too much about how God says to live and do less actual living? Hopefully that’s not true but my new friend makes me wonder none the less.

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