Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My mirror: A friend and foe

Oh mirror how I love thee
You graciously let me know when something funky is caught in my teeth
And make me cautiously aware when I’m having a bad hair day.
How would I maintain relationships without your friendly warnings of impending awkwardness?

And yet you have a dark side too dear foe
You cause deep obsession of hopeful six-packs and beautifully tanned skin.
My late arrival to many occasions can be traced back to the time I spend with you.
Why do you strike such fear in my fragile heart dear mirror?

I can’t get rid of you; your necessity is painfully obvious.
Yet living with you means enduring many stabs to my self-esteem.
Is there a way we can reach an agreeable living arrangement?
Can you make me alert of my wayward appearance without igniting an all consuming addiction to self?

Let’s call a truce you and me dear mirror.
I promise to keep loving and utilizing your great power if you promise to stop magnifying and holding me captive to my every weakness.

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krystalmullins said...

Thanks for your comment! It brightened my day. Hope you are feeling better.. I don't think funnel cakes would've been the best medicine for you.. :)